Here at TEAM Chiropractic and Physical Therapy our process begins with a thorough health history followed by an orthopedic and functional assessment. We use these findings to identify the cause of your problem and then outline the best treatment option to help correct the dysfunction and accelerate healing.

Many times during a treatment plan, we’ll recommend Chiropractic adjustments to help correct abnormal movement patterns in the spine, improve spinal flexibility and restore alignment in aim to lessen overall pain. In addition to Chiropractic adjustments, we will combine muscle stretching and strengthening as well as soft tissue manipulation to get fast, long lasting results. As we provide therapy and design treatment plans, we always approach each patient as an individual with their own unique needs and goals. Every person’s therapy plan is customized to their specific problem.

You’ll find at TEAM Chiropractic and Physical Therapy that we will not prescribe lengthy treatment plans or order unnecessary spinal X-rays unless it is medically necessary. With short, effective treatment plans focused on everyday injuries and problems, our mission is to get you healthy, balanced and active quickly.